PRI : Practice of Instrumentation - IRA
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Instrumentation et Régulation

Instrumentation et Régulation-Formations dédiées à la mesure industrielle : pression, niveau, débit, température, analogique, intelligente, numérique

Instrumentation et Régulation

Miniaturisation de procédés industriels pour une mise en pratique proche du réel

Instrumentation et Régulation

Plusieurs bancs de mise en pratique tous constructeurs : Emerson, Endress Hauser, Yokogawa, Vega, Siemens, ABB, Dresser

Instrumentation et Régulation

Salle destinée à la formation sur les vannes de régulation : Flowserve, Masoneilan, Fisher, Valtek

PRI : Practice of Instrumentation

37h00 – 5 days


> Attendees will acquire the base theory of operation of measuring instruments, control valves, and positioners.
> They will learn how to install, wire, set, tune, maintain and troubleshoot them.


> The course provides valuable information via lectures on theoretical concepts, backed-up by direct hands-on training in fully equipped classrooms.
> More than 50% of the time is dedicated to actually working on various industrial instruments installed on test benches.
> A knowledge assessment test followed by its proofreading will be run at the end of the training.


Knowledge of basic mathematical concepts and physical laws, although not required, would be helpful.


Operations and Maintenance Technicians and Engineers, who are new to instrumentation, or who whish to be “cross trained”.



> Structure of a basic feedback control loop.
> P&ID’s drawing standards.
> Basic electricity, 4 – 20 mA loop.


> Pressure : Concept, different pressure types, units, sensors, analog electronic and smart transmitters, installation and calibration, pressure switch.
> Level : Indicator, hydrostatic head, capacitive, ultrasonic, nuclear, radar, float, buoyancy, resistive, mechanical type, vibrating blades, rotating paddle).
> Flow : Differential pressure, rotameter, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, turbine, vortex, rotary, Coriolis, thermal, flow indicator and switch.
> Temperature : Thermocouple, resistance temperature detector (RTD), infrared radiation pyrometer.


> Theory of operation, bodies, trim, actuators, flow characteristics, sizing, cavitation, shutoff pressure, leak tightness, calibration.
> Different valve types.
> Control valve positioners.


> Installing, wiring, setting, checking and troubleshooting various industrial measuring instruments, control valves and positioners.
> Designing and building a complete feedback control loop.


This training course is part of a two module training package called PIPC « Practice of Instrumentation and Process Control »(PRI + PPC), with 10 % discount.
5 days / 37h00
Training hours
from monday 9 a.m. to friday 5 p.m.
Type of course
New knowledge acquisition
Assessment method
Questionnaire with open-ended questions
Acquired level
2400€ excluding VAT
Number of attendees
Mini: 4 – Maxi: 10
Person in charge
Philippe TRICHET
This training is run by :
Next sessions in 2021
from the 25th to the 29th of October
This training can be run in INTRA if required.
Next sessions in 2022
from the 24th to the 28th of October
This training can be run in INTRA if required.


Hands-on workshops

  • Training instructor expert in Instrumentation and Control.
  • At the end of the training course : a completion certificate is delivered to the trainee (with or without skill assessment).
  • In Arles, midday meals are free.